Google Toolbar PageRank formally discontinued

google page rank

Google PR has reached End-of-Life

Google informed us they would be removing the 1-to-10 PageRank (Google PR) scores from their toolbar feeds.
Google instructed us they would be putting off PageRank ratings from the Google Toolbars ultimate month. well, now, Google has finally and completely cut the statistics from the Toolbar and any device that tries to fetch that rating.
There are dozens of stories across the net of people asking over the weekend where their PageRank has long past. well, their PageRank nonetheless exists, but the Toolbar model of that PageRank is long gone, long gone for all time.
It has been years since Google up to date the PageRank ratings of their Google Toolbar, and Google has been trying to demote the importance of PageRank over the ones years, as properly. ultimate month, Google advised us they might formally put off the 1 to 10 rankings from their Toolbar feed.
So no more PR with the code :/
$query=” will give 404 error from now on…

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