We are calling from Google Scam

phone scams

After iGlobalWeb, launches your website, with our organic SEO your customers will find you easily on the internet same as the scammers. So don’t get panic or believe to the people claiming they are calling from “Google”, “Bing” or “Yahoo”.

What they will say?

  • They will claim; they are calling from “Google” and your website will be removed from their listings.
  • They will try to get sensitive information from you like “credit card, name, birthday, SSN …” etc.
  • They will claim; they are working for “Google” and with their help your website will be listed in 1. position in search results.
  • They will claim; They are a Superb SEO Company that will add you to search listings and Google Maps

What to do?

  • Just ignore them. iGlobalWeb already listed your website to major search engines and SEO is already made.

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